BRB: after the European summer


Hey there, gorgeous readers!

I’m currently on an adventure abroad, chasing the glorious European sun.
Because I’m backpacking/roughing it, internet access is scarce and I obviously don’t have a kitchen, so I won’t be available on emails, nor will I be updating my blog while I’m away.
I thank you kindly for your patience and look forward to responding to your emails and comments and coming up with new inspired recipes in September upon my return.
I’ve got some exciting new ideas up my sleeve for this space, so stay tuned!

Stay nourished in my absence (I say this as I’m sipping on a strawberry mojito in Nice, South France. #keepinitreal). 

Life is balance.

Love love,

Note: I sincerely apologise for the hideous font changes in this post; this hostel computer is one hell-horrid machine which won’t let me format anything, and I’m about to smash the keyboard over my forehead. I’ll rectify it as soon as I find a semi-functioning computer. In the meantime, I’m off to sunbake and climb castle ruins…

One thought on “BRB: after the European summer

  1. Hi Ashlyn,

    First of all, I hope you had a great time over in Europe, the pics look amazing, keep ’em coming!

    I am a huge fan and am really inspired by everything you do. I have posted before asking about tips on Melbourne for a Sydney-sider and loved the place so much that I’ll be back over the long weekend (YAY!).

    I was just hoping to get your advice on a good running/walking track somewhere picturesque but not too far from the city as I’d like the keep my routine up over the 3 days in town. Any suggestions? Also.. if you had any new restaurant/bar/cafe recommendations I would love to hear them because I took your advice last time and went to Chin Chin, Top Paddock and Mammasita which were all FAB!

    Really looking forward to hearing back from you! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

    Liv xx

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